As your parent or relative gets older, it?s important that they live in a space that is safe and comfortable for them. Most seniors want to maintain their independence, but need to move from their current houses that are too big. Downsizing to an apartment is the best option for many people, but it?s important that you find one that is senior-friendly. Here are some questions to keep in mind when looking for an apartment for your loved ones.

Are there other seniors in the building?

The first thing to look for if you are choosing an apartment is if there are other seniors in the complex. This is a good indication that the space is safe and comfortable for older people. There are many apartment complexes available that are specifically designed to be independent living solutions for seniors. Having other seniors in the building will give your loved one the opportunity to socialize with other people their age as well. This will help them feel more comfortable and adjust to living in a new space.

Can you install safety features (or are they already in place)?

It?s also important that you can install the safety features you need to keep your loved one comfortable, like grab bars and even a stairlift. Some apartments may already have these in place due to ADA requirements, which is an added bonus. You should also check the outside of the apartment to see how accessible it is. Is there an elevator? Are there ramps outside? These things are very important for safety and convenience.

Is the landlord helpful and supportive?

Finding a good apartment for your senior is about more than just the space itself – you also need to make sure you have a landlord you feel comfortable with. They should understand the needs of seniors and be willing to help, and they should also be very communicative. Don?t be afraid to ask them plenty of questions when you are looking at apartments, and don?t settle for a landlord that you don?t feel comfortable with.

Is it in a convenient location?

The location of the apartment or house also needs to be convenient to other places your senior needs to go. They should be able to get groceries and run other important errands easily, and it?s also important that they can get to their doctor?s appointments. You may want to look for an apartment that is close to you or another loved one that can help out, just in case. If your senior still drives, make sure there is parking available, or if they take public transit, look for an apartment that is close to a subway or bus stop.

Don?t be afraid to be discerning when looking for the perfect apartment for your loved one. It?s important that they feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Luckily, there are many apartment complexes that are senior-friendly. If you aren?t sure where to start, ask your local senior center for guidance.