Thanks to improvements in medicine and technology, seniors are living longer, which means families now have to face difficult decisions as their loved ones get older. While there are a range of senior care options to choose from, most seniors would prefer to stay in their homes if possible. There are many innovations that are making this possible so that seniors can stay healthy while maintaining independence.


One of the biggest concerns with senior living is mobility. Injuries, chronic pain, and just general deterioration of the bones and muscles can make it difficult for seniors to navigate larger homes. The stairs in particular can be quite daunting, but one of the best solutions for this is a stairlift. A stairlift gives seniors the ability to move through a two-story house easily, eliminating one of the biggest roadblocks to independence.

No-Slip Mats

Another major concern for seniors is the possibility of slipping and falling, particularly in homes that have hard wood floors. A good way to prevent this is by placing no-slip mats throughout your house in places where slipping is a major risk. You should also remove all loose rugs from your home, and look for socks that have grips on the bottom as well. This simple change will make your home much safer, particularly in the winter when floors are extra slippery.

Medical Alert Buttons

Many family members worry that their senior will not have the medical support they need in an emergency. Medical alert buttons are an excellent solution to this problem. They are intended to be worn at all times, and then in the event of an accident, the senior can press the button to call for medical help. Many medical alert buttons will also track the senior?s vital signs and alert

family or a local medical professional if there is a drastic change in their vitals.

Night Lights

Installing a night light system will ensure that your loved one can get up in the middle of the night safely. While plug-in night lights have been around for a long time, there are also more advanced lighting options that you can install in your home. For example, you can install night lights that are motion activated to provide direct light exactly where it?s needed. You can also install lights on the floor to light a path to the kitchen or bathroom.

Hand Rails

Rails and grab bars are another excellent safety precaution for seniors staying in their homes. In particular, having grab bars in the bathroom to get in and out of the shower can help prevent slipping. Having rails throughout the hallways and anywhere there are steps can also make your space much safer.

Making these changes will help your loved one stay in their home for years to come. Staying independent is very important to many seniors, and these safety precautions will allow them to do that while giving family and friends peace of mind.

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